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TOP 5 Best Cars for Your Trip

Traveling as a family can be stressful, especially with young kids. Theres no need for the lack of enjoyment during a trip though; if you’re planning a family trip, make sure you have the time of your lives, making the best out of every single second of it. Crossing miles by air can be fun, but most importantly, it can be relaxing. Crossing miles by land though, now thats extreme. One of the best ways to enjoy yourself and your family during a trip is to travel by car instead of by plane. Yeah, road trips can be exhausting, but they can also be incredibly attractive. Witnessing different environments and views can be soothing and fun for children, not to mention the space in a car is much more comfortable than the space in a plane.

Even if you do decide to travel by plane, renting a car add loads of fun to your trip. There are a few things to consider before deciding which car you should rent though, knowing these, you should have the time of your lives pretty much guaranteed.

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The average size of a family is about 3 people, thats considering both parents and a child. To be honest, that’s actually a small family, and many families consist of 2 or more children, aside from the parents. Space is a very important thing to consider when renting a car because you dont wanna have more than what you need. For a relatively small family, made up of 3 people in total, the best car they could rent is a small one, with a total of 5 seats, and a small trunk. When talking about a larger family though, ranging from 4 to 5 people in total, you can choose from a small car to a van, according to the comfort the family seeks. A family ranging from 6 people up would want to rent a van, depending on the number of total people.

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A very important thing to consider is the amount of gas money youre willing to pay. Cars from different companies have different stats when it comes to the amount of gas they use per or the amount of distance they can cover with 1Lt of gas. If you have a limited amount of money to spend during your trip, you should consider the gas money before renting a heavy vehicle. Heres a list of ideal vehicles to rent for a family trip:

Chevrolet Suburban, an ideal van for a big family

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Kia Rio, ideal for small families who are planning a short trip

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Kia Soul, ideal for an average sized family (35 people)

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Honda Odyssey, ideal for a large family

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Toyota Sienna, very similar to Honda Odyssey, ideal for large families

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Mazda CX5, ideal for average sized families

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Overall, these are some of the best cars to rent when planning a family trip, whether its a road trip or a rental to move around in a large place. Every one of these vehicles has its unique characteristics, making them ideal for different families. These top 5 best cars for your trip are what you should consider next time youre planning to travel. A great place to find different car rentals iS RENTAL24H.COM CAR RENTAL, dont forget to consider these things before you take off to your next destination.